Finally took video of a dragon tail being swung. It’s quick and not perfect, but it exists! Next time I’ll try to figure out why it didn’t record audio, and also I’ll have a tripod.

Because chainmail isn’t rigid, these tails swing very smoothly. Fluid, sinuous, curling and extending as gravity and inertia dance with each other. So much better than a fabric tail with stuffing.

Also, a milestone to note: This page just passed 256 followers! That’s 2^8 people. And that’s awesome. Thank you all. I’m happy to be able to make things that you enjoy.

If The Shoe Fits

(I go outside to pull my trash cans in from the curb. My neighbor and her young daughter are playing outside in their driveway. I am barefoot.)

Neighbor: “You have to put your shoes on before you go outside, okay?”

Daughter: *pointing at me* “But she’s not wearing any shoes!”

Neighbor: “Well, she’s a big girl, so she’s allowed to.”

Daughter: “When can I be a big girl?”

Neighbor: “When you’re old enough to put your shoes on without being told.”

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Never Stop Being (Mutant) Teenagers

(My friend and I are both teenage girls. We’re also both big fans of the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ franchise. One day we’re out shopping together, and we find a very childish piece of old TMNT merchandise in the kids’ section of a store. We are surrounded by kids under 10 and their parents. We stand there and stare at the toy.)

Friend: “We’re mature, right?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Friend: “And we earned this money, right?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Friend: “So we should spend it on, like, gas and food. Practical stuff.”

Me: “Of course.”

(We stand there in silence for about a minute.)

Friend: “… We’re both getting one, right?”

Me: “Oh, yeah.”

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